odoo implementation

Our goal: deliver expected benefits on time and within budget.

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odoo developments

Procedure model

We are developing new Odoo modules and expand existing Odoo applications according to your needs and specifications.

We prefer to apply the agile development approach since not everything can be planned and defined already at the beginning.

These methods came into existence because software projects that were planned by the waterfall model were too expensive, too late, of bad quality, did not meet the target specifications, or were not even completed.

At the outset of the project we work closely together with you to define the requirements and targets. These requirements are collected, written down, and are prioritized afterwards.

The next step is the implementation. It is our goal to create an operational code as soon as possible, to test this code, and to further improve this code.

This approach allows us to recognize difficulties early on and to solve them easier.

Therefore, you will quickly receive results that can be tested and commented. This will automatically ensure that the on-going coding process is going in the right direction towards your requirements and goals.

Further text will follow soon.